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Emma Loizides is a self-taught artist from Muswell Hill in North London. With a love for colour, sunsets and palm trees, her work combines elements of pop art, landscape and cityscape painting. After Studying Spanish at university and spending years working in banking, Emma admired the architecture and skyline of the city and began painting again.

In the past she spent a few years living in Las Vegas and Singapore and is inspired by travel to new places and cultures. A few of her favourite artists include Jasper Johns and Peter Blake, as well as Robert Delaunay for his lively use of colour, and Wassily Kandinsky, for his theories on the effects art has on human emotions.

Emma’s studio is now at home in London and the subject of her work includes bright Cityscapes and peaceful street scenes, sun kissed buildings and tropical palm trees. Emma often takes out the people and cars as she likes the quiet of early morning, architecture and beauty of the empty streets.




In September 2013 she had her first solo show in London, followed by 6 more solo exhibitions from 2013-2018. She has also exhibited in several group shows including the Society of Women Artists, The NOA at the Royal College of Arts and the ING Discerning eye exhibition in the Mall Galleries. Last summer her painting The Pink Apple was shortlisted for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

artist Emma Loizides Laguna Palms

Here we have the hauntingly beautiful Laguna Palms at sunset…

…and the beautiful Newport Beach

artist Emma Loizides Newport Beach
Angel London - Audrey Hepburn Newsprint - La Belle Epoch Gallery

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