ARTIST Enver Gürsev

artist Enver Gursev

Enver Gürsev is a professional artist, working primarily as a painter and sculptor. Born in London, 1968 to Cypriot parents, he has a long, diverse and broad experience working within the arts.

As a fledgeling artist, he was mentored for several years by the late Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, after which he went on to graduate from Camberwell College of Arts. He has since exhibited widely and worked in collaboration with other progressive artists nationally and internationally. He has recently completed a prestigious commission for BP Shipping, commemorating 100 years since the company was formed.

Enver is an associate lecturer at UAL’s Chelsea College of Arts and CSM and a visiting lecturer at UCL and LCC.

His studio is based in Deptford, Southeast London.

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artist Enver Gursev - SeaII

artist Enver Gursev – Sea II

artist Enver Gursev – Battersea Power Station V

artist Enver Gursev - Battersea Power Station V
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