ARTIST Angel London

Artist Angel London

Nothing provokes the artistic sensibility like grief.

Many of us are blind to the realities of loss and mourning until we’re confronted with it head on.

Angel was born in West Sussex, UK in 1974. He was always keen to draw and paint as a boy which eventually led him onto a diploma in art and design and a higher national diploma in signwriting and calligraphy.


After his studying he found his first job as jewellery designer before a switch of roles to advertising, where he progressed into management.

His initial moves towards a career as a professional artist were not realized until 2013 when, following the loss of his teenage daughter to Batten Disease, he rediscovered his calling towards art.

He moved to London in 2014 shortly after leaving his management role and began to channel his grief into artwork, communicating a message of hope and positivity in the face of unforgiving adversity.



His unique work and message of vulnerability attracted a healthy social media following. Working single-handedly he garnered the attention of galleries both in London & the United States.

Johnny Cash Joker by artist Angel London

Johnny Cash Joker Oil and charcoal portrait of Johnny Cash as the Joker – reflecting on Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the failed comedian in Todd Philips recent hit movie based in the70’s.

I made the connection between the two from Joaquin played Johnny Cash in the 2006 award winning movie “Walk the line” I’m drawn to the play on darkness behind portraits, stars from the centre stage in our pop culture, but from within lies a deeper story behind each great musician, actor, or icon. I attempted to capture the depth of mental illness and to honour the grit & pain behind stardom, a tribute to all concerned.

Johnny was created in deep layers of acrylic and oil paint on wood. To reveal the depth of the piece I slowly removed the layers thus exposing the wood grain to emphasise damage, a tarnished finish to highlight the depth behind the piece.

Angel London has travelled back in time to the 1980’s with this really thought provoking Raiders Of the Lost Ark piece. Harrison Ford navigating his journey via Google Maps to find the forgotten and most sacred Rubik’s cube.

The composition is so that Indiana Jones has already contemplated the switch from the digital world, his hand is already in motion to exchange his iPhone for a more fulfilling and more mentally stimulating future… but will this move change the script of the movie… too many alternatives to think about! … this one is for you to unravel!.

Rubik's Raider by artist Angel London
Angel London - Audrey Hepburn Newsprint - La Belle Epoch Gallery

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