ARTIST Kamila Krzyzaniak

Kamila K Art La Belle Epoch Gallery

In my art I aim to embody feminine consciousness that’s on our planet at this time.

Kamila Krzyzaniak originally from Poland (now based in London) is an artist who works in Mixed Media. She majors and draws on her passions namely abstracts and strong female figuratives as one of her specialities.


Kamila glorifies women in all their feminine might. Heavily influenced by her study of Architecture and Fine Art at University and with a decidedly modern approach she produces eye catchingly bold statement pieces – all with attitude and languid gazes.


These powerful female studies all have one thing in common- a boundless power of seduction. Kamila manipulates shapes and colours with agility, often with earthly tones as a background which are augmented by flashes of dominating colour – A style that runs throughout the body of her work. She is an artist who’s not afraid to tint her work in bold shades of blue or red, emphasising the dramatic, mysterious & mystic feel of her art.

artist Kamila Krzyzaniak - Emerald City

More recently KK was able to add commissions from The Royal Family in Qatar to her ever-growing CV. The artist states that she prefers paintings which make use of texture and are thus somewhat tactile giving a unique personality & spirit to each of her subjects and sitters.

artist Kamila Krzyzaniak

artist Kamila Krzyzaniak
Angel London - Audrey Hepburn Newsprint - La Belle Epoch Gallery

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