ARTIST Virag Pazmany

artist Virag Pazmany La Belle Epoch Gallery

My art is derived from ‘Organic, Artificial Intelligence and the human’.

Virag Pazmany is a London-based Hungarian visual artist. Her artistic language always focuses on innovative communication through visual design. Her talent for innovation is something she always brings to her personal and collaborative projects.

She has a broad range of experience; her roles have included working as a scenographer for the Hungarian State Opera and MÜPA in Budapest, and as a production designer for award-winning film productions. Currently, she is highly active in the field of video arts, generative art and visual effect art; her recent credits include productions for Netflix and the BBC.

Virag Pazmany uses coding software to generate patterns and an AxiDraw writing and drawing machine to transpose them from AI machine code into physical artworks.

artist Virag Pazmany

Every artwork is unique and different with a little unevenness which gives an exciting contrast to the overall strict, geometrical aesthetic. This production process could be considered as a human-machine collaboration. Virag is driven to create these artworks by her yearning desire to explore the boundaries of human and machine-made drawings and the eternal rules of geometry.

Beside the above Virag has also created a series called Broken Lines; a series of deconstructed images. The artworks are intended to represent both nature and sensuality, and with destruction it gives another layer to the overall aesthetic. The source images are originally created from ink and a chemical reaction, this is then overlaid with hand stiched texture or thread creating an abstract mixture of ‘Organic, Artificial Intelligence and the human’.

artist Virag Pazmany
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